John Horton
Hands Down, The Greatest Food and Tobacco Establishment In Williamsburg! Customer service is always top notch. They actually show care for their customers. The staff is always friendly, cordial, polite, and always enjoyable to engage with! This is definitely the go to place!
daniel gibbons
Very welcoming and informational about the products couldn’t be happier
Eric Fenton
Very great guys any issues they take care of you always good vibes got the best premium carts
khole king
HANDS DOWN THE BEST VAPE STORE IN WILLIAMSBURG! EVERYTHING WAS LEGIT! They even have PACKSPOD vapes that most stores don’t sell with EVERY FLAVOR! My wife likes elfbars and prefer coming here because they have over 38 flavors that are all scannable. I like coming here because if you are nice to the workers and are a repeated customer they give you random discounts just to be nice! Overall 15/10 stars they have everything you need it’s my one stop shop for the weekend every Friday!
Natasha Romanoff
Great experience overall no pressure to buy anything and amazing crew to serve you
Lane C
First time here, and couldn’t leave more happy! The guys inside were super quick making sure we found what we were looking for and had a great selection. The atmosphere was fun and lifting even being a little late a night. Walked into some jokes and immediately felt like I was among friends! Will 10/10 be shopping here from now on!
Kenneth Rew
One of the best stores I come to in Williamsburg the people that own the store and the people that work for the store and very friendly very considerate and they definitely have great prices
Jessica Barns
This is one of the best smoke store in williamsburg they have everything you will need the guy in the front is amazing he is so nice and he is very kind and helps u find something if u need it